C4 is a game with a simple premise, but a large amount of strategy. The game is for two players on a board of 7 x 6, and the aim is to get a line of 4 tokens in a row before your opponent does. This can be done in any direction - horizontally, vertically or diagonally. Pieces drop to the bottom-most available space in the column when played.

To play a move, simply move your mouse pointer over the desired column, where a coloured piece with an arrow will appear at the bottom-most available space in the column. This shows where the piece will be played if you choose to do so. To make the move, click the left button on the mouse and the coloured piece will drop down and replace the arrowed piece. If a player gets the 4 in a row required to win, then the winning pieces will be highlighted and the statistics will change to include this win. The game must then be restarted using the "reset game" button, which can also be done in the middle of a game. The stats can be reset by using the "reset stats" button.

The links on the C4 main menu go to different parts of the site:

Play Game - this starts a simple two player game
Strategy Tutorials - guides you through some techniques to use when playing
Game Instructions - this page
About C4 - a bit of background about why and how C4 was made