C4 Mobile

by Scott McClymont



C4 Mobile is another part of my 4th year dissertation at Heriot-Watt University in exploring "Strategic Interaction Systems". This version for mobile phones and other handheld devices was developed in parallel to a web-based version with the aims of comparing differences in developing for the two platforms, the practicality of playing on a handheld device on the move and the implementation of a wireless multiplayer.


Title screen with access to the menu and showing the Bluetooth is currently unconnected

Accessing the menu showing the different options. Bluetooth is shortened to BT here.

Main game screen with empty board and red piece hovering above the column it would play in

A game in progress with the red piece falling down the board after being played.

The stats screen showing the number of wins per player and drawn games.

The options screen to turn the sound on/off and to switch to basic graphics for faster loading.

A Bluetooth game being set up with two players connected. Their Bluetooth names would be in place of "WirelessToolKit".

A Bluetooth game just after starting. The controls are locked for the inactive player, the active player plays as normal. The board updates on both screens.

Red has played and now it's yellow's turn with the text at the bottom indicating this. Again, the phone's Bluetooth name would be in place of "WirelessToolkit".

Only the active player has access to the menu, which allows them to restart the game, view the stats (which will appear on both screens) or play their turn.