by Scott McClymont (1984-2010)

***Please note that this is an archived website from 2008/2009, so not all links and features will work as originally intended.***

Blackjack DS Blackjack DS is an ongoing homebrew development for the Nintendo DS handheld system. It recreates the popular card game and allows the user to customise some of the rules to suit their local variation and also provides stats for the user that details their performance. It features full touchscreen support, some basic sound effects and graphics. The game is currently at version 0.7 - more information, screenshots and downloads can be found by clicking the logo. Baguette Quest Baguette Quest is a project I completed as part of a 5 person group as part of our "Multimedia" module. This light-hearted game made in Adobe Flash involved integrating music, photos, sounds, text and video together with game elements such as a score and timer to give the player a goal to reach. There are two files - a title screen and the main game itself which, due to time constraints, are not linked together. Be sure to read the instructions on the title screen first! The files are quite large (37Mb for title screen ; 52Mb for the game) so they may take a while to load, or you can download them in a zip file for running locally at around 89Mb: Title Screen / Main Game / Zip File
C4 C4 is a project I completed as part of my 4th year dissertation at Heriot-Watt University as part of investigating "Strategic Interaction Systems". This web-based version was created following detailed analysis of the game and existing versions, with the aim of building on those versions using tutorials that explain the different techniques and strategies the player can use as well as allowing the player to play the game against someone else. C4 Mobile C4 Mobile is another part of my 4th year dissertation at Heriot-Watt University in exploring "Strategic Interaction Systems". This version for mobile phones and other handheld devices was developed in parallel to the web-based version above with the aims of comparing differences in developing for the two platforms, the practicality of playing on a handheld device on the move and the implementation of a wireless multiplayer.


I will not be featuring any full reports here due to the risk of plagarism. Please e-mail me (top of the page) if you require a copy of my dissertation or other examples of documentation. As a sample of my work, below are two downloads for the first deliverable of my dissertation (one in Microsoft Word, one in OpenDocument format). This first deliverable was submitted after some preliminary investigations into my dissertation topic and detail my aims and objectives for the project as well as the requirements of the final programs and any issues that could arise.

Deliverable 1 (Microsoft Word)
Deliverable 1 (OpenDocument)